Who We Are

We are a group of designers working together to offer beautiful, unique, hand crafted, products created by talented textile artisans from around the globe. We realize Agean cotton used in making natural textiles is some of the finest cotton in the world. We accept no substitutes and believe you should not either. We work hard with our many suppliers to ensure our products are 100% top grade. When you see the label Turkish-T you can be confident your product has been chosen for it's superior quality and completely vetted in accordance with our high standards.


Sue Joyce was born an explorer and a creator. Having always dreamed of travel and adventure, she married a native Nashvillian, and together they traveled the world. Sue’s passion for design and aesthetics led her through small Moroccan marketplaces, beautiful cities in Greece, and extraordinary bazaars in Istanbul. It was in Istanbul that Sue discovered the hidden gem that was the Turkish towel. A self-proclaimed cotton connoisseur, Sue aimed to draw from the traditional, hand-loomed Turkish towels while creating her own unique designs and styles and introducing them to the American market.

We are the largest US distributor of natural home textiles, sold under the title Turkish-T's, also know as sultan hamam Bath Towels, and sometimes referred to as, Pestemals or Peshtemals. These dobby and jacquard loomed textiles are much sought after by the upscale beach community. They have been extremely well received by the personal monogram community, making them an ideal Bridesmaid or Graduation Gift.


Sue launched Turkish-T in 2009 from the carriage house of her Nashville farm, and the business has since grown into a full-fledged, thriving company, adored by the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Kidman, and many others.

"A purveyor of Turkish textiles and artisan apparel, Sue Joyce translates a hobby into industry with graceful aplomb by immersing herself in the creative process. Along the way, this self-made designer and part-time seamstress, crafter, gardener, and farmer has grown an organically inspired life style with her family on the outskirts of Nashville, Tennessee."

-Jeanne de Lathouder