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Our Basic Turkish Towels are designed to be a useful and affordable gift.

Created with the thoughtful consumer in mind. Made of 100% Turkish cotton, these thin cloths make an ideal thank you or congratulations gift. Prized for their bright colors, easy storage, and multitude of uses from Beach Towels, Bath Towels, Sarongs, Table Cloth, Baby Blankets, and more. Designed and brought to the American Market for the conscientious gift giver that realizes less is more.

Lonny magazine said it best when commenting on our Turkish towels, “it’s easy to see why our finely loomed cotton towels were the toast of the recent New York International Gift Fair. Their light weight and fast drying time make them practical, easy-to-pack beach necessities.”

A well thought out gift chosen for someone special can be one of the most intimate ways to celebrate life.  The “simple act of giving” shows an appreciation of loved ones, and the acknowledgement of their special occasion, milestone, or turning point.  A Birthday, a Graduation, or a Newborn baby, are all examples of glorious moments of celebration and worthy of gift giving!

Priced for specialty stores and available all over the country in select stores. Whether you’re visiting friends or traveling to your in-laws, arriving with a Turkish T Basic Bath or Hand Towel is always a welcomed and useful gift.

You can order here for immediate shipping or contact us for a store near you! A set of four hand towels tied with a nice ribbon makes a lovely hostess gift, especially if you take the time to call ahead and find out your hosts favorite colors.  Hand towels can be folded in fourths to make a pretty dinner napkin, or fold in third’s to second as a bar or kitchen towel.
When you want to honor someone with a gift that is thoughtful, useful, and considerate, www.turkish-t.com  has you covered!

From Bath to Body To Beach we love playing for you!